My Portfolio - Bulk Actions

My Portfolio - Bulk Actions

Bulk Actions 

In Bulk Actions you may change pricing and add market states in a quick manner across product ranges. You would use this method if you had new pricing for a brand or have grown your distribution into new states. Importantly in this page you can also add a new brand to your portfolio

Choose Producer to make changes

The bulk actions are segmented by producer. 
  1. Go to the search bar and enter which producer you need to amend. 
  2. You can search by product.
  3. Filter by active, inactive or pending (you would only see pending if you have requested to add a product to your portfolio and are waiting for confirmation from the Producer).

Changes in Bulk

The spreadsheet format allows you to make many changes in the one screen across multiple products. 

Add in your SKU to reduce ordering errors.

Make changes to current sales markets - Pricing or Availability.

Add new sales markets.

Roll to a new vintage. 

When you roll to a new vintage, it will default to the next year. Eg from 2017 to 2018.

  1. Edit Vintage - You can move to the current eg from 2017 to 2019.
  2. Add in SKU code.
  3. Edit price if it has changed from the previous vintage.
  4. Add in new sales markets.

      5. Don’t forget to mark the last vintage OOS!

Add a new brand to your portfolio

You can add an existing Producer or Brand to your portfolio or click here on the pop-up to add a new one. 

  1. Click Add New Brand at the top right of Bulk Portfolio Actions
  2. Type the Producer Name in the search bar and select the correct option.
  3. Nominate the date you will begin distribution.
  4. Tick which states you will distribute to.
  5. Click the "Here" option only if the Producer does not come up in search, follow the prompts to create a new brand. 

Lastly in this set up sequence is Distribution. (this will only be relevant is you have ownership of any of your brands.)
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