Order Fundamentals

Order Fundamentals

Adding Products From Your List to Cart

  1. Access your lists from the lists drop down and click on your preferred list

2. Select the "Quantity" and Cases/Bottles option (where applicable) and "Add To Cart"

3. When all your products for the order have been added to the cart, select "Review Order/Checkout"

Managing Shopping Cart

Modifying Products

  1. You can easily modify any item in your shopping cart. To change the quantity, click on the drop-down next to the product and select the new quantity.
  2. To remove an item from your shopping cart, click next to the product name.

Alerts In Orders Summary

Alerts in order summary. You may see Red Alerts and Amber Alerts. The Red Alerts will prevent your order from going through and require some action. The Amber Alerts won’t prevent the order going through but it may mean there is a condition your supplier may impose such as a delivery fee for under minimum order. 

Setting Trading Account Number & Selecting Sales Rep

  1. To set your Trading Account Number. We have some suppliers which are integrated with eBev, for these suppliers the Trading Account Number is mandatory and the order will not proceed without it
  2. For other suppliers it is best practice to put in your Trading Account Number but it will not prevent the order going through without it. Select your Sales Rep so they will receive an order notification.

Messages and Delivery Dates

  1. When you are ready to place your order, you can add messages to the order. “Add message to this supplier” is a unique message for that distributor. “Add message for delivery” is a persistent message that will appear every time and order sends, to all suppliers. You will also see a “Delivery Date” box which is the expected delivery date you may toggle this to suit your schedule, "Place order".

Placing and Printing Orders

  1. You can print order or export it as a CSV to your accounting system. Click on the orders tab, click view and choose which function you need.

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