Product Pricing

Product Pricing

Product pricing is important for everyone involved in the transaction and that's why we put a lot of time and effort in having the most up to date product pricing listed on eBev. However eBev can only be as accurate and updated as suppliers and producers will allow us by sharing timely portfolio updates. 

Price on Application (POA)
You may come across products that have "POA" listed in place of a price which means the supplier has not disclosed a price for the product in your particular market state. This product can still be ordered and the correct price will be listed on the invoice you will receive. To find the correct price prior to purchase, please contact the supplier directly and inform eBev to allow us to update the product. 

Standard LUC vs. Agreed LUC
Standard LUC: The normal product price listed for all customers 
Agreed LUC: The decided upon price between buyer and seller which is often below the Standard LUC

Note: On your product list page you are able to set the Agreed LUC based on deals or offers provided to you by the supplier. Simply type the price in the free text box. 

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