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Set Order Configurations

As a supplier you can now manage all your specific order configurations in your eBev account. 

1. Navigate to the orders tab in your eBev Account and select Order Configurations.
2. A side panel will appear with "Order Configurations". 
3. You can see if your orders are configured by email or directly integrated. (speak to one of our team if you would like to hear more about integrated ordering) 

4. Nominate here if you accept the venue's desired delivery date and if they can add in a delivery message, and want Sales Reps to receive a CC of their orders. 
5. Update your email address for orders, add in state specific emails if they are different. (order email is sufficient but an email with a user attached is preferred. This enables the customer service user to be able to access the eBev account, please add it in the order recipients box.)

6. Order cancellations must be nominated if you accept them with a time limit selected from the drop-down. If you have different rules by state you can create state specific order cancellation rules here. 

Delivery details in your Sales Markets

Your sales market will default to National. If you have different State based requirements or order cut off times you may differentiate them here.

1.  Simply select add Sales Market and add in your requirements for delivery timeframe, order cut off, minimum units or minimum spend. If there is no difference you will only need the National Level Sales Market selected with your requirements. 

Single Unit Ordering

You may allow single unit ordering for one or more categories. Configure your allowances here (with no configuration any order that is not a whole carton will not go through).

1. Select "Add Single Unit Ordering". 

2. Select the product category and add in your minimum requirements for venues to access the Single Unit Ordering. You can set your minimum LUC, minimum bottle quantity and/or minimum mixed case quantity. (EG: A venue can order single bottles of wine but must order a minimum of 6 mixed wines - 1 single unit, pack size 6). 

3. Select your preferred visibility option from the drop-down.
a) Deny all venues, allow venue specified below ( Deny's all venues who order through eBev [to Select Single Units] - but you may [WISH] to turn this option on for a few specific venues. Enter the names into the lookup field and select the venues) 
b) Allow all venues, deny venues specified below ( Allow's all venues who order through eBev 
[to Select Single Units] - but you may [WISH] to turn this option off for a few specific venues. Enter the names into the lookup field and select the venues)

The next step in the set up sequence is to Enrich your Portfolio.

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