Portfolio Refreshment

Portfolio Refreshment

How to Refresh My Portfolio?

eBev's Best Practise, a step by step guide. 
Portfolio updates seem overwhelming? Here is our step by step guide to help you update your portfolio quickly and have it looking it’s best for your customers. Navigate to the "My Portfolio" dropdown and select "Portfolio Detail".

  1. No Longer Supply - Identify any producers that you no longer represent and remove their products entirely from your portfolio. Clicking the "No longer Supply" button will remove all sales markets connecting the those products to your company. It removes all ability to view this producers products. Only use this if you do not intend to sell these products any longer.     
  2. Identify and Report Duplication - If you see a Producer or Product which has a duplication in your "Portfolio Detail" or "View Products" page respectively please inform one of our friendly staff by engaging in LiveChat, This can be found on any page on our website and in your account. After hours? It will be sent as a message and attended to asap. 

  3. Remove Markets vs Sold Out - Best Practise is to mark your products OOS rather than to remove sales markets. If you remove sales markets you cancel all connection you have with that product. You should only use remove all markets if that product is discontinued and you will no longer be selling it. For very other scenario, use OOS. 
  4. Bulk Tools: Roll Vintages, Add Markets, Update Prices - Utilise the Bulk Actions dropdown to very quickly update multiple markets with price and availability. You can also add new markets and brands from this page. To understand this in greater detail please see our Bulk Actions Article.   
  5. Producer/ Brand Ownership - Brand ownership means that the brand is assigned to you and you have the responsibility to enrich the producer profile & brand information. You are automatically assigned ownership if you are the producer. Other scenarios include: if you own the brand, exclusively importing a brand or if the producer has agreed that you will take responsibility for the enrichment. You will only be able to edit at producer level if you have ownership, please contact our friendly staff on LiveChat if you wish to add to a profile and do not have the assigned permissions. 
  6. Enrichment - Lastly ensure that your portfolio looks good, venues tend to "buy with their eyes" so make sure that your logo's, bottle-shots and tasting notes are all up to date. Enrichment happens at three levels. Producer, Product and Variant ( Vintage or pack size differences). Legacy hierarchy will apply to these from Producer down. If you only import a Producer logo, this will show in place of a bottle-shot. If you import a bottle-shot for a product but not for individual vintages, the image will carry over to all vintages of that product. To see more detail- Enrich your Portfolio.

To see all articles go to your supplier Knowledge Base.

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